Oakland: A Day in the Temascal District

It’s difficult for some to imagine, but the city of Oakland is known for more than just its crime rate. Little of the media attention is paid to the emerging food scene in this city, particularly in the area on the Berkeley/Oakland border known as the Temascal district. This up and coming area’s culinary menu […]

An Interview with Dad

I find food, and have always found food, among the most interesting topics of research and discussion. And while I had never considered why this was so, it was clear when discussing food with my dad that my love of food and the passion that is poured into it stemmed from his way of preparing […]

A Day in Japantown

Much like the previous week, this week’s field trip was a new experience for me; a chance to really stretch my culinary palette and head out on a new adventure. And where would that adventure take place? Well, San Francisco’s Japantown, that’s where! This was yet another part of the city that I had never […]

Zucchini Empanadas with Chipotle-Chocolate Drizzle

*Makes 10 Empanadas* What you will need: Empanada Dough: -Maseca -Water Vegetable Filling: 3 medium sized carrots 4 zucchini 1/2 onion 2 yukon gold potatoes 1 cup chicken broth Meat Filling *optional: 1/4 lb. ground turkey 1 clove garlic, finely chopped salt and ground pepper (to taste) Chocolate Drizzle: 6 oz. dark chocolate 1 dried […]

A Classroom Challenge

Three ingredients chosen: Chocolate Zucchini Chipotle Pepper Now create a dish that incorporates all three ingredients; whomever cannot succeed will be CHOPPED Well actually no one would be chopped; this was just a school assignment after all and we weren’t competing for $250,000 even though I’m confident that my dish would be a strong contender […]

A Kitchen Disaster

The air was ashy and my arms began to cramp as I fanned the kitchen door back and forth in an attempted to clear out the room. The windows were all wide open, the only answer we could think of to further ventilate the smoke. That age old command your parents tell you, Don’t burn […]